The Gates Plats 2 & 3

The Gates Plats 2 and 3 is the second phase of construction of the residential development The Gates.  The project is located in south Columbia on Old Plank Road just off the intersection with Route K.  The development will be upscale homes consisting of mostly walk out style homes.  The development plan will be completed in “pods” and will also try to save most of the mature trees.  This plan coupled with the terrains natural rolling hills will prevent residents from being hassled by any further construction. Emery Sapp and Sons performed the same work for The Gates Plat 1, and the working relationship with Tompkins Construction carried over to Plats 2 and 3.  Construction of Plats 2 and 3 is expected to conclude this Fall.  Further information regarding this development can be found here The Gates.

To complete this job we excavated 80,000 cubic yards of material, installed 4,800 linear feet of utility piping, and finally paved 9,000 square yards of concrete.  PDF

Project Category

Client: The Gates Real Estate, L.L.C.

Duration: Mar. 01, 2015 – Sep. 01, 2015