Route I-44, Jasper Co.

Project Title:  Route I-44 Jasper Co.
Client:  Missouri Highway Commission
Location:  Joplin, Missouri
Project Type:  Municipal

Missouri Highway Commission contracted Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) to construct a new interchange for the industrial park in Joplin, MO. For the new interchange, ESS built an I-Girder bridge that runs over I-44, and two new round abouts located on either side of the bridge. ESS also completed the lighting, signing, and striping for this job.

Excavation – 280,000 CY
Base Rock – 53,600 SY
Asphalt – 1,400 TN
Curb & Gutter – 6,000 LF
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Project Category

Client: Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission

Duration: Apr. 03, 2017 – Apr. 03, 2017