Northpark Mall

Project Title:  Northpark Mall
Client:  Northpark Mall/Joplin, LLC
Location:  Joplin, Missouri
Project Type:  Commercial

Emery Sapp and Sons (ESS) was contracted by the Northpark Mall in Joplin, MO for the renovation of the mall’s parking lot. Scheduling was crucial in order to ensure there was adequate parking available for the duration of this project. ESS completed this job in 21 phases, which included excavating 29,000 cubic yards of material and paving 162,000 linear feet of asphalt.

Excavation – 29,000 CY
Asphalt – 162,000 LF
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Project Category

Client: Northpark Mall/Joplin, LLC

Duration: Apr. 01, 2014 – Aug. 31, 2014