Joplin Replacement Hospital

Project Title:  Joplin Replacement Hospital
Client:  McCarthy Building Companies
Location:  Joplin, Missouri
Project Type:  Healthcare

McCarthy Building Companies contracted Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) for the mass grading, installation of site utilities, and paving for the Joplin Replacement Hospital. For this job, ESS excavated 816,000 CY of material, demolished 19 houses, cleared 60 acres, graded 100 acres, and replaced sewer lines ranging from 20–40 FT. For the site utilities, ESS installed 24,500 LF of pipe and utilities, 13 junction boxes, 125 curb inlets, 120 LF of cast-in-place weir wall. An additional 200,000 CY of mass grading was completed.

Clearing: 60 acres
Grading: 100 acres
Demolition: 19 homes
Underground Utilities: 24,500 LF
Mass Grading: 200,000 CY
Excavation: 816,000 CY
Junction Boxes: 13
Curb Inlets: 125
Cast-in-place weir wall: 120 LF

A Note from Ron Mann Emery Sapp & Sons Superintendent

“This project contained adequate manpower and equipment to run the job twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. This allowed us to capitalize on exceptional winter weather which in return allowed us to deliver the building pads & site ahead of schedule. Our team was able to save large amounts of money by re-using roughly 45,000 tons waste rock that was crushed on site decreasing the amount of material that was purchased & delivering the savings to the owner. This was a very successful project for us & has created opportunities for more work in the future.”
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Project Category

Core Services

Client: McCarthy Building Companies, Inc

Duration: Jan. 09, 2012 – Dec. 15, 2014