James River Power Station

Project Title:  James River Power Station
Client: Utilities of Springfield, MO
Location: Springfield, Missouri
Project Type:  Municipal

City Utilities of Springfield, MO contracted Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) for to complete a ten-foot vertical extension to the containment embankment of an existing ash land fill. The ten-foot embankment addition was constructed in layers. The first layer consisted of 99,400 CY of compacted ash that came from within the landfill and moved to the perimeter of the embankment. The second layer consisted of 17,000 CY of compacted clay, and the third layer was comprised of 3,400 CY of topsoil

Excavation – 99,400 CY
Clay – 17,000 CY
Topsoil – 3,400 CY
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Project Category

Core Services

Client: City Utilities of Springfield

Duration: Apr. 04, 2017 – Apr. 04, 2017