Fulbright Expressway

In February 2013, ESS began work on the Fulbright Expressway Project. The $6.3 million “Fly over,” as it is referenced, is currently setting structural steel in place. This 800 ft. long bridge measuring 350 ft. in radius has been another ESS team effort; pulling people from our local site in Fayetteville, Arkansas and the DOT Branch. It is the first time ESS has set structural steel on a curved bridge of this size without using shoring towers, and utilizing four cranes at once.  Josh Doerhoff, one of the Project Managers for our DOT Branch said, “One of the biggest challenges we have been faced with on the Fulbright Expressway Project deals with the extreme curvature of the Structural Steel during the erection process.  The curvature of the beams required a significant amount of engineering and planning to ensure that the erection process went as planned.” PDF

Project Category

Core Services

Client: City of Fayetteville, Arkansas

Duration: Feb. 04, 2013 – Oct. 31, 2014