East 23rd Street Extension

Project Title: East 23rd Street Extension
Client: Joplin Industrial Development
Location: Joplin, Missouri
Project Type: Municipal

Joplin Industrial Development contracted Emery Sapp and Sons (ESS) for the extension of East 23rd Street in Joplin, MO. For this project, ESS removed 6,300 cubic yards of material and placed 11,800 square yards of base rock. ESS also paved 11,500 square yards of the roadway and installed a 1,000 linear feet pre-cast box culvert along with, completing the signing, striping, and drainage for this job.

Excavation – 6,300 CY
Base Rock – 11,800SY
Box Culvert – 1,000 LF
9″ PCCP – 11,500 SY
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Project Category

Core Services

Duration: Apr. 03, 2017 – Apr. 03, 2017