Boone County Rt I-70

Our innovative solutions using approved applicable standards (AAS) from around the country will help save money so that we can provide additional optional improvements and still deliver the project within budget. Optional improvements include a “Dog-Bone” or “Tear Drop” Roundabout at Rangeline. We will provide a Turbine Roundabout on the south side of Business Loop 70 and a new roundabout on the north side of Business Loop 70 with a folded ramp design which includes a bridge for the Westbound I-70 Off Ramp. This design feature eliminates the “pinch point” of the old roundabout design and greatly improves the level of service of this entire intersection.  All the bridges constructed on I-70 will be built in a way that will allow for future expansion.  As an added bonus the westbound bridges at Rangeline and Garth Avenue will have the abutments left in place which will allow for easy future widening in these locations. Our design includes weathering steel bridges and enhancements that will provide at least a 100-year service life with just routine maintenance. Read more…


Client: Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission

Duration: Aug. 01, 2015 – Sep. 01, 2015