Barcus Ridge Plat 1

Project Title:  Barcus Ridge Plat 1
Client:  Tompkins Homes ad Development
Location:  Columbia, Missouri
Project Type:  Residential Community

Barcus Ridge is located at the corner of Old Plank Rd and State Route K in south Columbia. We partnered with Tompkins Homes and Development in the excavation of 100,000 cubic yards of material, 6,000 square yards of pavement, as well as the installation of storm and sanitation utilities in preparation for this residential development.
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Excavation:  99,930 CY
Concrete Pvmnt:  6,690 SY
Storm Sewer:  2,412 LF
Sanitary Sewer:  3,417 LF

Project Category

Client: Tompkins Homes and Development, Inc.

Duration: Mar. 11, 2015 – Oct. 01, 2015