Aspen Heights – Springfield, MO

Project Title:  Aspen Heights
Client:  Aspen Heights
Location:  Springfield, Missouri
Project Type:  Multi-Family

Emery Sapp and Sons (ESS) was contracted by Aspen Heights Construction for their new student housing development in Springfield, MO. ESS excavated 5,280 cubic yards of material and imported 4,852 cubic yards of low volume change material, completed the concrete and asphalt paving, installed all underground utilities, built an underground communications duct bank as well as a landscape retaining wall. ESS also completed all the earth work for the housing’s parking garage.

Excavation – 5,280 CY
Sanitary Sewer – 470 LF
Storm Sewer – 2,112 CY
Water Line – 160 LF
Concrete – 788 SY
Asphalt – 4,255 SY
Sidewalk – 530 SY
Curb & Gutter – 2,028 LF
Retaining Wall – 1,800 SF
Duct Bank – 575 LF
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Project Category

Client: Aspen Heights Construction, LLC

Duration: May. 18, 2017 – May. 18, 2017