Aspen Heights Norman, Oklahoma

Project Title: Aspen Heights-Norman Oklahoma
Client:  Aspen Heights Construction, LLC
Location:  Norman, Oklahoma
Project Type:  Multi-Family

As the site contractor for the Norman, OK housing development, we excavated 35,000 cubic yards of material, installed all underground utilities and constructed 32,000 square yards of new pavement.  This site was previously a trailer park that required demolition and reclaiming efforts at the outset.

Excavation – 35,606 CY
Concrete – 32,535 SY
Storm Sewer – 4,244 LF
Water Line – 6,905 LF
Sanitary Sewer – 5,697 LF
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Project Category

Client: Aspen Heights Construction, LLC

Duration: Aug. 19, 2014 – May. 05, 2015