Aspen Heights – Columbia, MO

Project Title:  Aspen Heights
Client:  Aspen Heights
Location:  Columbia, Missouri
Project Type:  Housing

Emery Sapp and Sons (ESS) was contracted by Aspen Heights Construction for their new student housing development in Columbia, MO. For this job, ESS cleared and removed a 40 acre mobile home park. In its place, ESS built a new infrastructure to support a 206 unit apartment complex. ESS completed the building pads, the paving, and the installation of underground utilities by December 2012, making the majority of the work completed ahead of schedule.

Excavation – 94,170 CY
Concrete – 46,688 SY
Storm Sewer – 4,473 LF
Water Line – 8,100 LF
Sanitary Sewer – 7,431 LF
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Project Category

Client: Breckenridge Group Columbia MO LLC

Duration: Jul. 02, 2012 – Jul. 31, 2013