Dennis Weaver Drive

Joplin, MO
Dennis Weaver Drive

Leveraging experience and shared resources from both Emery Sapp & Sons and Hutchens Construction, An Emery Sapp & Sons Company, our teams were able to provide a complete and comprehensive bid package for the removal and relocation of the Dennis Weaver Drive intersection on State Hwy 171. These critical improvements will provide a safer intersection and main entrance for the Joplin Regional Airport. Realignment of Dennis Weaver Drive will allow for further development and improvements of airport facilities.

Owner Joplin Regional Airport

Civil Engineer Crawford, Murphy, & Tilly (CMT)

Hutchens Construction Role General Contractor

Project Duration 2 months

Scope of Work

To relocate the intersection, the teams will remove 4,375 square yards of pavement, move 7,700 cubic yards of unclassified excavation, place 8,860 square yards of subgrade and 2,062 cubic yards of embankment, and lay 4,225 tons of asphalt. Additional scopes of work include concrete medians, security fence and gate system, permanent lighting and electrical utilities, permanent signage and pavement markings.

Pavement Removal 4,375 SY

Excavation 7,700 CY

Subgrade 8,860 SY

Base Rock 3,000 Tons

Embankment in Place 2,062 CY

Asphalt 4,225 Tons