Branson West Airport

Branson, MO
Branson West Airport

Emery Sapp and Sons received a project by the City of Branson for the construction of a new concrete apron at the Branson West Airport. This project was in the secure area of the airport movement area, which required an enhanced inspection of all personnel and equipment entering the worksite. To reduce significant slowdown ESS prepared a unique proposal that was accepted by Airport Security. This proposal allowed for a temporary security fence between the work area and the secure portion of the movement area. This allowed 90% of construction to be done outside of the security inspections, and only the final tie-ins and final subcontractor work required the enhanced inspection. This solution allowed the project to be completed quickly without a negative impact to the airport.

Owner City of Branson, MO

Civil Engineer Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.

ESS Role General Contractor

Project Duration 3 Months

Self-Performed 100%

Scope of Work

ESS resulting scope of work included 2,000 cubic yards of excavation, built an embankment of 53,000 cubic yards of borrow material, constructed 600 linear feet of 7’x7′ precast box culverts, paved 11,400 square yards of 8″ and 15″ concrete pavement over 6,400 square yards of cement-treated base rock, and laid 400 tons of asphalt shoulder. ESS also completed the lighting, striping, signing, and fencing for this project.

Concrete 11,400 SY

Asphalt 400 TN

Excavation & Grading 2,000 CY

Embankment 53,000 CY