CO. RD. 34 – Missouri State Line (Bella Vista Bypass – North)

Bella Vista, Arkansas
CO. RD. 34 – Missouri State Line (Bella Vista Bypass – North)

As the selected general contractor by the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT), ESS was chosen to construct a new 2.5-mile alignment that connects Arkansas to Missouri in McDonald County along I-49. ARDOT was in need of a connecting highway that would make travel easier for commuters, and ESS was able to deliver. One of the most significant challenges faced was that the project wound through a heavily wooded area, which involved the clearing of massive amounts of timber in order to construct the brand new interstate. ESS proposed an aggressive schedule that allowed for the completion of this project 200 days faster than the next closest bidder.

Owner ArDOT

ESS' Role Prime Contractor

Project Duration 12 Months

Self-Performed 80%

Scope of Work

Delivered in just 365 days, this project required strategic phasing of operations, crucial schedule management and special utilization of our manpower and equipment. Our ESS crews transported approximately 60 types of heavy equipment to fulfill the construction needs of this project. Roughly 1.6 million tons of dirt was moved by our employee-owners in just 6 short months in order to begin the framework for the new roadways. The ESS team self-performed two of the four bridges at the job site location. These 170 foot structures required precise workmanship from our internal bridge crews to deliver accurate infrastructure results for the project. Other scopes of the project included clearing and grubbing, asphalt and concrete paving, erosion control, maintenance of traffic, wire rope safety fence installation, one extruple R.C. box culvert, drainage structures, rumble strips and pavement markings.

Excavation & Grading 2,044,354 CY

Concrete Patch Paving 15,723 SY

Cut To Waste 558,805 CY

Cut To Fill 1,157,035 CY

Bridges 4

Asphalt Paving 54,982 TN

Reinforced Concrete Pipe 19,641 LF

Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert 4,903 CY

Size of Project 2.5 MILES