Hydro Excavation

Emery Sapp & Sons, Inc. Hydro Excavation

Eliminate Risks & Increase Production

Emery Sapp and Sons, Inc.  Hydro Excavation process provides an alternative option to conventional excavating methods. The Hydro Excavator uses pressurized water to break through the ground and expose underground infrastructures with the vacuum simultaneously and safely remove debris, storing it in an onboard holding tank.

This piece of equipment can be used for many different applications including; safe tunneling, exposing utility lines, digging around fiber optics, exposing sewer lines, gas line tie-ins, making electrical repairs, subsurface engineering, getting to limited access areas, and much more!

The Hydro Excavator eliminates the risk of damaging existing infrastructures which in return increase productivity and profit.
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Hydro Excavation from Emery Sapp & Sons on Vimeo.