Hutchens Construction Wins Quarter Two Safety Award

Kate Torline | Thursday August 5, 2021

Keeping safety top of mind comes naturally to the employee-owners of Hutchens Construction, An Emery Sapp & Sons Company (Hutchens). Congratulations to these crews for receiving the Quarter Two Safety Award, their second time earning the distinction. This award goes to the team who scores the highest on their overall safety performance and fosters a safety-first culture. During the second quarter, the Hutchens team developed a practical solution that elevates their safety performance, and man, are we going to brag about it.

Tyson Collins, Assistant Vice President, mentioned how innovative his team was during the Will Rogers Turnpike project. This project required the crew to perform lane drops on a busy highway at night, where visibility was low. “Our teams developed a traffic control trailer that makes picking up and setting out cones easier and safer during our night work projects. This is just one of the ways our employee-owners have been innovative. They continue to come up with solutions that keep safety top of mind. It’s number one for us, and we are going to keep safety a priority day-in and day-out,” said Tyson Collins.

The traffic-control trailer helps crew members maintain visibility, safety, and efficiency as they pick up or set out cones while arranging lane drops. This is especially true on busy highways at night, when much of the lane drop activities take place. Using a little ingenuity to develop a simple solution is the kind of approach we pride ourselves on. It reinforces our focus on safety, quality, and production – in that order.

Safety isn’t just something we talk about, it is something we continually take action on. Matt Cowell, our new Director of Environmental Health & Safety, weighs in on the importance of recognizing outstanding safety performances. “This is where the rubber meets the road,” said Cowell. “It’s not a coincidence that Hutchens has won this award twice. They have been making a deliberate effort to keep safety their top priority. As technology improves, the way we do our jobs changes. It forces us to rethink how we do things, because everything is evolving. Hutchens has done a great job with this. Their new traffic control trailer is not only more efficient, but helps to improve their overall safety in the field. Good job crews!”

Congratulations again to our employee-owners at Hutchens for their dedication to safety this quarter! This significant honor earns each member of the team a gift card, exclusive safety swag, and a unique hard hat sticker!