Welcome To Your ESOP Wealth Calculator

Sarah Brown | Friday March 12, 2021

This year’s Annual Meeting Virtual Experience came with some new goodies for Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) current and future employee-owners! We were thrilled to announce the launch of our new ESOP Wealth Calculator. This tool has been strategically designed to help show the extraordinary benefits you receive when you are a part of the ESS Employee Stock Ownership Plan!

The ESOP Wealth Calculator is now live on our website! Get started:
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Watch Tutorial HERE

What inspired the ESOP Calculator idea?
This was a long-time passion project of Keith Bennett, Chief Financial Officer for ESS. He introduced the concept about six years ago. “We noticed that employee-owners didn’t know what the stock of the company was or what exactly they owned. We wanted to talk about it. We wanted employee-owners to know what it means to own it and understand what it takes. With that in mind, the vision of the ESOP Calculator became apparent.”

Who is this tool for?
Keith Bennett not only wanted the calculator to be a resource for all employee-owners, his hope was to use this as a recruitment tool to show potential talent why ESS is a premier company. “We want to keep making our employee-owners feel like they’re a part of our business. The ESOP Calculator is a phenomenal way to motivate that culture, in addition to strengthening our recruitment strategy. They can put in all the factors that apply to them and then determine how much their ESOP account would be worth. From a recruitment standpoint, you’ve sold them. They’ll want to stay with your company because they can see the numbers and the value that they could gain from us.”

ESOP Wealth Calculator features:

  • Predict your future wealth! Not sure what the ESOP hype is all about? The ESOP Wealth Calculator is here to help. Tell it when you plan to retire, your annual compensation, average weeks worked per year, predict our annual stock price increase – and voila! You get to see the potential future balance of your ESOP Account. Want to recalibrate your results? Reset the inputs and calculate again!
  • Check your ESOP account balance! When employee-owners log-in to this tool, the calculator will reveal what their current ESOP account balance is. This provides our team members with an individualized look at potential wealth accumulation.
  • Don’t miss the $/Hour feature! When using the calculator, be sure to check out the “$/Hour” feature. It lets a user see how their current or projected ESOP account balance translates into an hourly wage. This is an easy way to understand how the ESOP benefits you each day. Think you will get a couple more dollars an hour working at a different company? Make sure to check out this feature first! Over the life of your career with ESS, your ESOP can help add tremendous value to your hourly wage!
  • Pro Tip! – When selecting an Annual Stock Increase, set realistic expectations. It’s important to consider what returns employee-owners could expect over the next 10-to-20 years. While ESS prides itself on delivering incredible returns each year, we wanted this tool to be as evergreen as possible. To that end, you’ll notice a warning reading “highly unlikely” for any Annual Stock Increase set to 17% or more.

Get started:
Start Calculating HERE
Watch Tutorial HERE