Educate, Communicate, Motivate

Sarah Brown | Monday November 2, 2020

Together Stronger

The foundation of the Journey Committee and Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) as a whole, rely on one effective framework: educate, communicate and motivate. We used these principles to advocate for our employee-owners this ESOP month. It was jam-packed with all the ESOP essentials to show our ESS family why we are always, Together Stronger. Let’s look back on some of our favorite highlights from October!

To build on our theme of Together Stronger, last month we produced an educational video series including 4 episodes full of ESOP goodies. This series was designed and implemented to expand your understanding of our ESOP and why working together remains at the core of everything we do as employee-owners. We believe it’s important for everyone to be informed about our industry-leading wealth building tool. If you haven’t already, dive into the details of each episode below:

Episode 1: What the Heck is an ESOP?

Episode 2: How an ESOP Works

Episode 3: ESOP Vesting & Payouts

Episode 4: Your Wealth

Another big part of our campaign strategy starts by asking the question “how can we reach you?” By reach, we mean how our company makes sure you see and engage with the important ESOP content we’re delivering. In a nutshell, we use a combination of dynamic messaging, communication tools, and social media activity to drive employee-owner engagement. Here are some impressive results from our ESOP month campaign:

  • We reached more than 17,876 people on all social media platforms
  • We sent a total of 11,449 emails and texts
  • We had more than 1,096 views on all 4 ESOP educational videos
  • We had more than 2,181 engagements with our ESOP content. Thanks for all your clicks, comments and shares!


In celebration of ESOP month, ESS hosted a trick shot challenge that invited employee-owners to show us their creative side…or not so creative side. We’ll let you decide that one.

We’re impressed with all of the submissions we received last month for the #TogetherStronger Challenge. We don’t know any other company that balances work and play as well as we do. Thank you to all of our employee-owners for creating these epic trick shots that we hope to look back on for years to come.


Most Creative:

Watch Cory Staffords video

Fully Equipped

A trick shot right from our shop. Field Mechanic, Cory Stafford operates excellence with this ESS approved maneuver.

Most Likes:

Watch Nathans video

Doesn’t Get Any Betta Than This

Assistant Vice President of Finance, Nathan Alexander proved not only to be the fishing master but a true trick shot expert at best. This submission features two of the cutest future employee-owners who we feel may have contributed most to this trick shot.

Best Attempt:

Watch JP Comptons video

Don’t Fall

Catching a football one handed. Backwards. On a bicycle. Need we say more?

Watch Megan Armstrongs video
How Many Attempts, Megan?

Office Administrator, Megan Armstrong proved to be trick shot worthy. We loved the celebration at the end. We loved the peep of ESS swag. We loved the idea.

Watch Melissa’s video
No Ruff Days Here

Contract Administrator and Paralegal, Melissa McMillin represented the Legal team in this paw-some trick shot video. She spends a lot of her time outside of ESS helping out at animal rescue where she happened to find the best four-legged partner to carry out the stunt.

Watch Rich Rehfeldts video
Tour de Kansas City 2020

This trick shot makes its way around the halls of our Kansas City office and ends up in a hard hat! What are the odds?

Watch Workforce team

Who can execute a successful trick shot from A PLANE?! Our employee-owners can, that’s who. We’re impressed, workforce team!

Watch Journey Committee video
Breaking The Basket

This well-rounded trick shot features our Journey Committee in action. Who knew it would take 6 employee-owners to shoot their shot and ultimately, break the basket. Either way – we love it.