This simple truth remains as important today as it was when Billy Sapp, co-founder of Emery Sapp & Sons and current Chairman of ESS, made it the guiding principle for the company. ESS is proud that clients come back to us because of their satisfaction.  Hear from our clients about the quality of ESS work and what it means to have us work for you.

“Being in business tomorrow means satisfying our customers today.”-Billy Sapp

  • Joplin Replacement Hospital

    “Their field guys are looking ahead, trying to find ways that are not only beneficial to speeding up the schedule but they are beneficial to the owner.” – Jason Wagner of McCarthy Building Companies

  • Coil Construction

    “They’ve consistently produced quality work for us.  They have kept our projects on time and on schedule.  They also have the ability to go in and do entire site packages for us, and that’s been important to us.” – Randy Coil President of Coil Construction

  • Little Dixie Construction

    “Knowing that I can call their employees any time night or day and get answers from them is something I really value” – John States Co-Owner Little Dixie Construction

  • Kansas City Port Authority

    “They really were a partner in every sense of the word.” – Gregg Gehrig Director of Finance, K.C. Port Authority

  • Mercy St. John’s Orthopedic Hospital

    “The relationship with Emery Sapp to date has been excellent. They have been a true team player.” – Jared Hites

  • Gale Communities

    “Emery Sapp is THE primary contractor I have so therefore they are my most important team member.  That’s how they approach it, and that’s how I approach it.” – David Gale President Gale Communities

  • Joplin Replacement Hospital 2

    “What I most appreciate is their willingness to work with the other contractors, the general contractor and us.  They have worked with us as a team.” – Steve Meuschke Project Manager McCarthy Building Companies