Our Communities

Our Communities

Just as Emery Sapp & Sons strives to be an industry leader, we also believe in taking an active leadership role in supporting and building one’s community. That’s why we participate in, and contribute to, organizations within the local and regional communities associated with our offices.

What we expect from ourselves in terms of effort and commitment to a job site is the same energy we put into giving back to the communities in which we live, work and grow.

Each ESS branch contributes to its community in its own way.

Recent Events


Springfield, Missouri

Emery Sapp & Sons is an adamant participant in the Springfield Area Community. Only being an active member since January 1st, 2008, Emery Sapp & Sons has wasted no time in lending a helping hand. Aspiring to be a leader in the construction industry of southwest Missouri, Emery Sapp & Sons initiated its first company internship program. This program has contributed to the great success of the Construction Management program at Missouri State University. It provides students with hands on experience while still allowing them to attend school full time. Emery Sapp & Sons continues to support this program by providing additional funding for the Construction Management’s Associated Schools of Construction Competition held every fall.

Furthermore, team leaders from the Springfield Branch participate in the Construction Management career fair in the fall, which allows students to interact and learn about Emery Sapp & Sons as a company.

Furthering its community involvement, Emery Sapp & Sons volunteered its time & resources after the tragic tornado in Joplin, Missouri. Air curtain destructors and excavators were mobilized to Joplin to assist in burning the mass accumulation of debris. Volunteer work took place on weekends and proved to be a great succESS.

In the fall of 2011 Emery Sapp & Sons partnered with McCarthy Building Companies and volunteered an entire day to building a safe and friendly recreation area for the children of the Lost and Found program of Springfield. Emery Sapp & Sons donated a wheel loader, dump truck and dozer for the day to complete this project. When all was said and done, the site was completely re-established and the charity event was deemed “Community Day.”

Emery Sapp & Sons stays well integrated with the community of Springfield, Missouri and continues to build succESSful projects in the southwest region.


Columbia, Missiouri

Throughout the years, ESS has generously supported a variety of fundraising efforts, charitable activities, non-profit & volunteer organizations as well as supported employee participation in various associations and events in the City of Columbia and surrounding counties.

Most recently, several Columbia Branch employees formed a team sponsored by ESS & Legacy Beef to participate in the 7th Annual Rootin’ Tootin’ Chili Cookoff which benefits at risk teens at the local Boys and Girls Club. The Team was awarded 3rd Place in the category of “People’s Choice” for their tasty chili recipe AND 3rd Place in the Best Booth Category for their Hillbilly theme complete with moonshine still and the teams hillbilly attire!

Whether it’s a one-time donation, annual support, volunteer efforts or fostering employee involvement ESS recognizes the importance of giving back and takes pride in building and investing in community relationship. Although every request presented cannot be granted, we are proud to have our company name associated with the following organizations.

Kansas City, Missouri

Volunteering is usually one of the most visible but demanding way to get involved in the community, but the hands on experience is often very rewarding. Employees have helped make events such as the KC Riverfest, iBUILD and Crayons to CAD competitions very succESSful by lending their time and talents. I-Build and Crayons to CAD are both programs designed to get middle school and high school students interested in the construction industry. This is a passion of ours, and we participate in many career fairs hoping to get children interested in a career path in construction.Tim Paulson, Branch manager in Kansas City, participated in four this Spring at local middle and high schools.

KC Riverfest is an annual city-wide family oriented celebration that takes place every 4th of July. Emery Sapp & Sons are avid supporters of the event, providing volunteers, funding and in kind support. We have supported many causes over the 8 years we have been in Kansas City. Some of the most recent includes the Tour of Kansas City Bike Race, Lung Cancer Research, and industry events such as the Young Engineering Club’s Maverick’s game night.

Several company-wide donation drives take place every year. A food drive for Harvesters takes place each winter, and a jewelry fundraiser at our office helps support the Women’s Employment Network. One of our most rewarding drives came in the wake of the devastating Joplin Tornado. A monetary collection raised money for the relief effort and provided a pickup load of water for the area. Employees started collecting food, hygiene products and clothing – producing a tractor trailer full of supplies.

Emery Sapp & Sons and its employees have been very involved in the Kansas City Metro Community over the years. Through a variety of volunteer activities, donations, and leadership positions, Emery Sapp & Sons has and continues to prove our commitment to Building and Investing in Relationships. This is one of ESS’s Core Values, and one of the relationships we invest in, is our community.